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Akasha Art Projects


“Phil and his team knew within five minutes what needed to be done.” 

Akasha Art Projects Inc.  is a customized fine art framing destination for well-known artists and photographers. We are known for taking big projects from start to finish for corporate clients like major hotels and interior designers. Kelly Kyle and I are both artists and we have been for most of our career. We joined forces to build this business from one room across the hall and we have now taken over the whole second floor of 511 Church St.  

We had a bookkeeper originally when we were just a partnership. A year and a half ago, we incorporated and realized that our bookkeeper did not have enough expertise to help us in our transition into incorporation. Our bank referred us to a bookkeeper who claimed to be an expert in exactly the kind of bookkeeping we needed. We thought everything was going well, until one day, in the middle of doing our books, this “expert” bookkeeper walked out on us. Two of our vendors have similar company names, and our bookkeeper mixed them up on a cheque. When our vendor came to pick up his cheque, he understandably asked for the name of his company to be corrected. “I don’t need this!” said our bookkeeper as he stormed out. It was our year end. We were in so much trouble.  

We knew Phil socially and I was always hesitant to work with a friend, so we just asked him to come in and give us some advice on next steps. Phil and his team came in, took a look around knew within five minutes what needed to be done. It turns out our temperamental bookkeeper had been making mountains of errors. The Spectrum Bookkeeping team has had to go in and clean up a huge mess. Miraculously, we were able to file our taxes. Spectrum Bookkeeping saved us. We now have Spectrum handling all of our bookkeeping. Knowing that we have Phil and his team working for us allows us to focus on running our business. We know our books are in excellent hands.  

Besides the fact that Phil is incredibly organized and good at his stated job of bookkeeping, he has gone above and beyond and constantly provides us with excellent business advice. He himself is a small business owner and he is invested in helping us make good decisions and steering us in the right direction. When I think of our work with Spectrum Bookkeeping, the word that comes to mind is “trust.” We have complete trust in Phil and his team’s abilities and professionalism. We know that they are doing everything in the best and most efficient way. When I think that hiring that first bookkeeper led us to Spectrum Bookkeeping, I am almost thankful he was so terrible, Almost.  

Sonja Scharf, co-founder and proprietor, Akasha Art Projects Inc. 

The Rectory Cafe


“We found Phillip through Charlie, our accountant. He recommended him and we brought him on board. Phillip fits with us very well. Not only because of his obvious knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting but his personality as well. He is a pleasure to work with. He comes to our location, which in on Toronto Island, which is great. We are a seasonal business so our business goes up and down and he is willing to be flexible and go up and down with us. I think the word ‘personalized’ is the best way to describe Phillip’s service. He really works with our business’s needs. We love him!”  

The Rectory Café Sarah Willinsky, Managing Shareholder, -2015 

Spectrum Bookkeeping has been in charge of our books for around two years. 

Phillip is extremely detail-oriented, full of great suggestions and an all around lovely fellow to have in your workplace. I have been very impressed with his availability, tenacity and his willingness to examine our systems with an eye towards improvement. 

I would recommend him without hesitation! –  

The Rectory Café, Valery Cook, General Manager 2015 

Accountants Testimony


I first hired Phillip in the spring of 2012 as a bookkeeper. Phillip's background as a business owner and a consultant to other business owner's impressed me as it shows strong management skills, He proved himself to be conscientious and detailed-oriented.  

Russell Vert CPA,CA- 2012 

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